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Porch Pirate Chest - Large

Product Description

The Porch Pirate Chest can be permanently mounted to your home OR temporarily and securely mounted to a front door or permanent structure(s). Great for condos, businesses and apartments!

DIMENSIONS: 60cm (24") High x 50cm (20") Deep x 80cm (30") Wide
COLLAPSED DIMENSIONS  -  70cm (27.5") H x 10cm (4") D x 77.5cm (30.5") W
WEIGHT: 23 lbs

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (ships in collapsed state): 74cm (29") H x 16.5cm (6.5") D x 84cm (33") W

SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA: $50 shipping cost will be applied at checkout. 
US customers, please contact us via email, so we can quote your shipping cost, and process your order manually.

A Smaller version is also available - 43cm (17") High x 30cm (12") Deep x 55cm (22") Wide. Click here to view.

PROTECT YOUR PARCELS from Porch Pirates! This strong, light-weight chest will keep your packages safe and secure. With its COLLAPSIBLE, space-saving technology, it can be set up and put away in just minutes!

The Porch Pirate Chest easily mounts to your exterior wall, or temporarily to your front door, with our special mounting device, to ensure maximum security.</br When you're expecting a package or parcel, just set up your chest, and the delivery driver can place the item in the chest, then lock it. Once you've retrieved your parcel, you can easily collapse the chest, and tuck it away against the wall or store it easily in a closet or cupboard.

At present, In your absence, most delivery services will simply leave your package unsecured at your front door, or take it to your designated postal drop where you have to go and retrieve it. With the Porch Pirate Chest, your package is secure, saving you valuable time.

The chest comes with a combination lock, a lockable cable to attach it to your railing, and an under-the-door 'shoe' that fits under your front door, to secure your Porch Pirate Chest.

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